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Dr. Tosin Odunsi,  Founder and Executive Director of The Mentorship Squad first has the vision for this network after reflecting upon her own struggles navigating the path to becoming a practicing physician in the United States. Her experiences include being a first-generation immigrant, low MCAT scores, multiple attempts at the USLME Step exams, and the tragic loss of both her mentor and husband within the same year of residency training. She started reading candidate personal statements during her free time and noticed a pattern among many of the Black and Latinx candidates; lack of support (and sometimes outright discouragement) in pursuing this career path, inadequate access to test preparation resources, unique obstacles to progression, feelings of isolation and being ostracized, and financial difficulty.

Dr. Odunsi is now a practicing Board-Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist and she owes this success to those who cared, saw her potential, and poured their knowledge and expertise into her life. She is dedicated to diversifying the next generation of women physicians. Since its founding in February of 2020, The Mentorship Squad has grown to a network of over 600 members throughout the country.

Our Mission

The Mentorship Squad is a digital network that supports Black and Latinx women pursuing the path to becoming practicing physicians in the United States by providing mentorship, resources, and community to improve academic, emotional, financial, and professional outcomes.

Our programs, podcast, and partnerships help our current premedical students better navigate their academic journey, give assistance to medical students in order to improve residency MATCH rates,  provide guidance to residents until graduate, and serve as a community-centered support system to minimize the burnout and isolation we encounter along the way.

The Mentorship Squad also works to increase the number of Black and Latinx women who complete residency while reducing the undue financial burden of education and training.

Programming and Impact and Annual Report coming soon!
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