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Our amazing team of volunteer mentors has helped premedical students, medical students, and residents navigate through all stages of their medical training, especially through this unprecedented time. This is not only a great chance to give back to your community and have impact, but also to share your talents and expertise in order to help mentees progress along their journeys.

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TMS mentees need help now more than ever. You can be a part of helping them thrive during their medical training. Join our TMS volunteer force to be part of our mission to increase the number of Black and Latinx women practicing as U.S. physicians.

Potential opportunities to volunteer include direct mentorship, assisting with programming and our professional development sessions, and being a guest on our podcast.
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Your generous one-time or recurring contribution provides our mentees with resources they need during their medical training.

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From programming, professional development sessions, podcast interview guests, scholarships,
to shaping our future direction, we rely on strategic partnerships to help drive our mission forward.

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